Solo artist Bibio, (also known as Stephen Wilkinson) is releasing his seventh album, A Mineral Love Along with the announcement he’s sharing the album’s first official single, ‘Feeling,’ with an accompanying video directed by Bibio himself. ‘Feeling’ is buoyed up by a bouncy 70’s throwback riff and the video looks like a light show out of the same era.

Watch ‘Feeling’ below:

This follows the recent release of ‘Petals,’ another track from A Mineral Love, which he revealed prior to the album’s announcement. ‘Petals’ is a pretty dreamy track full of echoing empty spaces and lyrics that urge the listener to let go of unnecessary stressors. Headphone listening is recommended.

Listen to ‘Petals’ below:


Bibio describes A Mineral Love as in personal note to his fans:

“I feel this album is built more from those memories and an exposure to music of many styles rather than close analytical study of any particular one. I think that’s why it all sounds like me, regardless of the deliberate references and nods to artists and records of the past. It is after all just a view through my stained-glass telescope.”

A Mineral Love will be out April 1st.

Words: K. Hules.

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