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The Unsettling Universe of Robert Steven Connett.

Los Angeles artist Robert Steven Connett’s detailed depictions of aquatic, terrestrial and other-worldly environments will have the viewer squirming with curiosity. Connett’s intricate and vivid dreamlike paintings hold the viewer captive and fascinated, staring for minutes, moving from one element to another as if stuck  in a trance. 


Microcosmic Garden. Artist Robert Steven Connett.

Connett’s paintings can make a viewer feel as if they were on some psychedelic journey, where humanity is as something being diminished from reality, while simultaneously being immersed in disturbing unfamiliarity.

Frightening, nauseating and exciting, Connett has created works of art that excel the cliché niche of psychedelic art. See more of his work at his website or on Instagram.

Words Alejandro Montaño.


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