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On February 5th, Low Cut High Tops, Seattle’s own digital punk, one-man band, released his 10-track album, Eh, Whatever. David Burns shaped the entire album, allowing him to totally immerse himself into every lyric, beat, and growl. This musician’s style has given him wide recognition for his unique, computerized arrangements.
A series of music videos, titled “Smoking Series” accompanies Eh, Whatever. “Raising Hell”, a song off of the new collection, was revealed along with its featured video. Watch below.

Low Cut’s other singles include “Red Lipstick” and “Good Day.” “Red Lipstick” is a pleasantly low-key song with a provocative video. Check it out below. Warning: Not safe for work.

“Good Day” is a Modest Mouse-esque tune, solemn but hopeful. Watch below.

Burns’ strange sounds make his current releases bold and interesting. Eh, Whatever is certainly an album to check out.

Words: Alexia Roditis.

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