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” Vixens of Vinyl are kinda Sex, Drugs, and Rock’ n Roll

…only without the Sex, and the Drugs.”

The Vixens of Vinyl is “a bad ass group of ferocious female DJs,” declares founding member, and this month’s curator of What I’m Listening To, Tiffany Allen. She goes on to describe the other members as “kinda cute, kinda hot, kinda sexy, hysterically funny, but not funny-looking.” The Vixens’ name came from the cover of an exotica album, and the idea sprang from an all girl DJ promotional month at Trash Rock.
Trash Rock, for those who don’t know, is a weekly event at the Back Patio Bar in the Pour House every Thursday night. Locals can sign up to DJ with their own record collection, and talk trash and music, and maybe get a little trashed themselves. “No one is pretentious or trying to compete…We once had a 21 year old kid play an amazing set after secretly borrowing his dad’s record collection. I taught him how to fade and use the turntables, then after about an hour, he sounded like a pro. Not everyone is always so lucky, but it is always a good time,” says Allen. She started Trash Rock 15 years ago in Reno and took it with her when she transplanted to Sacramento.
Vixens of Vinyl by Benjamin Darling
The exotica album that inspired the Vixens of Vinyl.
The Vixens of Vinyl started when Allen realized most of her Trash Rock DJ sign-ups were men. To remedy this, she “started recruiting girlfriends and every chick I met that said they collected records.” Soon there were eight regulars, who now play together all over town. “Once the event made a name for itself and we all had a chance to know each other, I think we all were just excited to play records together. The bond music can create is timeless.”
Though Allen brought the group together, she does not claim ownership or authority over the Vixens. “We are all independent strong women happy to support each other. At most I organize and encourage some outrageous nights about town.” However, she says, they will forever remain a “Ladies Only Club” due to the male dominated nature of the DJ world.
Now what is Tiffany Allen listening to? “When I DJ, I play what I want to hear when I’m out with friends…from sexy and tantalizing to rowdy rock and punk that makes…you let go of your inhibitions and cut loose.” But at home she prefers doom metal and old East Coast Hardcore.  “[W]hat I play when I DJ isn’t who I am 24/7…after last call the rules change.”
Fleetwood Mac- ‘The Chain’– “I’m a heavily tattooed dame raised by bikers that spent most my life listening to punk and hardcore, but if you put me on a desert island and said I was only allowed one band it would be Fleetwood Mac. I’m pretty sure they’ve been playing somewhere in the background my entire life. I recently had a close friend I used to DJ with walk out on me. Someone that touched me so much that every night without him, no matter how great the night was, I always feels like something is missing. This was the first song I wanted to hear when I came home.”
Man Man- ‘Head On’– “As we say I was ‘turned on’ to this band by my best friend, who has been an inspiration in my life to stay strong and never settle. The best gift anyone can ever give you is a song and a memory. I can only hope we all do that for at least one person each night we play records.”
Baroness- ‘Take My Bones Away’– “This is my favorite band right now, perfect to passionately unwind and regroup at the end of a long night.”
Orchid- ‘Capricorn’-“[For] my birthday, a friend messaged me Capricorn and I was reminded how much I love this Bay Area band. I’m pretty sure they are the Sabbath of this generation. That is all I should need to say.”
Monolord- ‘Empress Rising’– “Smoke weed naked with someone you trust. You’ll get it.”
Bonus Track:
The Dead Weather- ‘I Can’t Hear You’– “Music should turn you on sometimes.”
“I’m a simple girl, one of many.” Allen says, “I don’t pretend to know too much about anything in particular, but I know I’m lucky to be a Vixen. I’m lucky to know a bunch of killer chicks, and get to play music and make a little extra cash on a regular basis.”
BsideVixens of Vinyl
The Vixens of Vinyl will be playing back-to-back nights in February. On the 13th, they will be playing Sacramento’s newest vinyl bar, B-Side for Second Saturday. On the 14th they will be doing a Sunday Takeover at the Pour House themed “Music to get down and dirty to!” B-Side is located at 1430 S St, Sacramento, and the Pour House is at 1910 Q St, Sacramento. Both gigs are free and start at 8 pm.
Words: K. Hules.

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