By the green facade of the Peace Market sits a restored hundred year-old treasure chest. The chest has been painted a little more recently and now sports the monopoly man among other exciting designs and the hashtag #SacFreeArtDrop. The Sacramento Free Art Drop is exactly what it sounds like: a safe place for artists to donate art to the community and a chance for anyone to come get some free art.

The chest gets put out every Second Saturday and pops up randomly at events around Sacramento. Drops are announced on Instagram but you can submit your art any time at the Peace Market (1802 O St, the corner of 18th and O Streets). This is a great opportunity for artists and art lovers to connect and exchange work. To that end TUBE. will be submitting our art to the drop and chronicling others as they do the same. Follow us as we embark on our Art Drop adventure!

Words: K. Hules.

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