Guitarist/Singer Danny Secretion of The Moans, Café Colonial, Sacramento, CA. January 8, 2016. Photo Anouk  Nexus
Guitarist/Singer Danny Secretion of The Moans, Café Colonial, Sacramento, CA. January 8, 2016. Photo Anouk Nexus

Punk doesn’t always look like what you’d expect. Walking into Cafe Colonial on January 8th, people were playing cards and talking at the tables. There was art lining the walls. Urban Wolves jumped right in. They’re a large five piece band, and Cafe Colonial is a small intimate venue. The band told the singer, Jordan Wolfe, that he had to stay off of the stage or they wouldn’t all fit. Wolfe seemed to use that to his advantage. He got close to the crowd and seemed to get into it.

Coyote Bred traveled in from Seattle and put together this show with some of their friends. With a different take on punk, Coyote Bred has catchy, melodic hooks between verses, feel-good chords and soaring solos.

Next up was The Moans. With his goofy personality showing that night, Danny Secretion, the guitarist and singer, interacted with the audience by throwing raunchy jokes back and forth. At one point, he picked up a large tube off the floor, put it between his legs, and, well, you can imagine the rest!

People started to leave the room thinking that the show was over, when music started up again. Someone asked Matt Crap, The Moans’ singer and bassist, who that was, and he replied that it was an impromptu set by Final Summation. Everybody gathered in close around the stage. When the band said that they would take the crowd’s requests, the crowd started excitedly yelling out different songs of theirs. A group of about five people from the audience grabbed the mic down and started singing into it. A bit later on, someone else jumped on stage and started singing, as well. Bear Williams, who played bass with Coyote Bred, plays guitar for Final Summation. It was interesting, because he played Danny Secretion’s guitar upside-down. It sounded great.

It was a night filled with silliness, great tunes and surprises. Keep up with Cafe Colonial’s Facebook page for upcoming shows.

Photos and words Anouk Nexus.

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