Oscar Hocks album cover

Bianca Casady & the C.i.A. has released another single from their upcoming album Oscar Hocks. ‘Daisy Chain’ was the first song created for the album and was written during the course of a migraine, a feat within itself. ‘Daisy Chain’ is also the name of a 2012 New York exhibition of Casady’s where she mixed wildflowers and erotic imagery.

The song itself is the most melodious off of Oscar Hocks so far, though it still has that signature discordant eeriness that marks both CocoRosie’s music and Casady’s singles for this album. Listen to ‘Daisy Chain’ above.

Oscar Hocks is due out 1/29. Two previous singles have been released, ‘Roadkill’ (below) and ‘Poor Deal’ (above). In addition, Casady has created a small book of poems, photographs and fragments including portraits of the characters who live in her songs, entitled Porno Thietor. It can be bought online as a limited edition with purchase of the vinyl here. It is also available at live performances.

Words: K. Hules.

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