Bianca Casady & The C.i.A have come together to create an album that transcends even the surreal weirdness of Casady’s work in CocoRosie. Their upcoming album Oscar Hocks is billed as an invitation to journey into a series of mysterious realms, each one hosted by a different outcast character” and said to embrace concepts “too dark, too scary” for CocoRosie to tackle.
Oscar Hocks album cover
In addition to creating music with her sister Sierra as CocoRosie, Casady has continuously produced her own work and side projects with other collaborators. Along with drawing exhibitions (daisy chain), video installations, and magazine publications (Girls Against God ), she has been recently tackling the world of dance and theater (Night Shift, Mother Hunting). Each project and medium is tied together by her outcast characters and the deconstruction of formal conventions.

Oscar Hocks is due to drop on January 29th. Two tracks off the album have been released already: “Roadkill” which features a music video directed by Casady (see above), and “Poor Deal” with a video directed by C.i.A collaborator J.M. Ruellan (see below). Casady has also created a small book of poems, photographs, and fragments titled “Porno Thietor” that includes portraits of the characters who live in her songs. It can be found online as a limited edition with purchase of the vinyl here and at live performances.

Words: K. Hules.

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