Ground Chuck at the Press Club in Midtown Sacramento CA. Photo Melissa Uroff 2015

The Sacramento punk scene is full of familiar faces however none are as recognizable as Charles Adrian Thomas, more popularly known as Ground Chuck.  Chuck has been a staple in the music scene since joining his first band, Outcasts of Society, in the mid 80s.  His enthusiasm at shows, his chalk artwork found throughout the sidewalks of Midtown, his support towards other artists and musicians, and his insanely kind heart make him a one of a kind.  Bring his name up in a crowd and you will stir up a night of countless stories all told with a smile.

Ground Chuck in Sacramento CA. Photo Melissa Uroff 2015
Ground Chuck in Sacramento CA. Photo Melissa Uroff 2015

Everyone who meets him, loves him. The Crude Studs have a song about him titled Ground Chuck Night.  He has graced the cover of many albums, including the most recent West Lords release.  He was even named one of the most 100 interesting people in Sacramento by News and Review in 2010.

Chuck recently broke his hip while attending a show here in Sacramento and now some rad people are getting together to help him cover the bill.  Casa de Chaos will be hosting a show January 9th with a killer line up including The Secretions,  Storytellers, Crude Studs, Strange Party and Death Rogen all for just 7 bucks.  If you are unable to make it to the show but would still like to support Chuck’s recovery, you are able to donate via PayPal.   Contact the event coordinators for the location of the show or to learn how to donate.  More information here.

Words and Photos Melissa Uroff.




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