122_9464bListening to Leftöver Crack’s new album, Constructs of the State, reminded me of the feelings I had when I first entered a punk pit: some terror, confusion, wonder regarding where my shoe went and why everyone was yelling. But this album also resonated deeply with the revolutionary anger that first drew me to the genre.

Everyone can jam to Leftöver Crack’s newest infectious anthems. LöC reenters the scene with fast, hardcore songs like “Archaic Subjugation” and “Slave To The Throne” to remind listeners of how passionate and angry they can get, but the band quickly reclaims its familiar ska sound with “Loneliness & Heartache” and “Corrupt Vision” by filling fans with subconscious head bobbing and want for a circle pit. The album ventures into some unexplored territory with softer intros and twangy interludes as well. LöC’s album is riddled with an ocean of different sounds from many stylistic influences and artists, like Jesse Michaels from Operation Ivy, Kate Coysh from Oakland band, Reivers, and many others.

Once again, LöC manages to shock. The New York City group is known for controversial and shocking lyrics, but Leftöver Crack doesn’t hold back on giving honest feedback on contemporary societal problems. The band holds core beliefs against racism, sexism, trans/homophobia, corporations, and government control. Songs like “Don’t Shoot” and “¡Poliamor Fiesta Crack!” pick at the scab of persistent issues like systematic oppression, police brutality, and corporate greed.

Determined to put everything out there, Leftöver Crack makes sure the latest album is blunt and strong. Needless to say, Constructs of the State provides listeners with relevant issues of modern society with the same brash spirit from the past two albums. If you have an ear for punk and a penchant for social justice, this album will not disappoint.

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Words by Alexia Roditis.


Friday January 1, 2016
The Studio at Warehouse Live, Houston TX

Saturday January 2, 2016
The Korova, San Antonio, TX

Thursday January 7, 2016
Tricky Falls, El Paso, TX

Saturday January 9, 2016
Green Room, Flagstaff, AZ

Sunday January 10,  2016
Nile Theater, Mesa, AZ

Saturday February 27, 2016
Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA

Sunday February 28, 2016
Vinyl, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Thursday March 3, 2016
Gothic Theatre, Englewood, CO

Friday March 4, 2016
El Corazon, Seattle, WA

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