This month’s edition of Five To Watch brings you on a tour of the spooky, the lightly airy, the quirky, and the sublime. Put on your walking shoes and let’s go!

Maldición– As Día de los Muertos approaches, there is no better time to follow Maldición on Instagram. Explore the intricate vibrancy the Sac-based apparel brand brings into its Día de los Muertos designs, and even find awesome gear for the kiddos. Follow them on Instagram to occasionally vote on t-shirt design colors and to keep up with Maldición’s latest work. Maldición celebrates Day of the Dead events throughout Sacramento and the Bay Area, so stop by an event in coming weeks to see what they offer in person! Check out their work and event schedule here.

Suggestion by Kate J. Gonzales.

Emma Webster– An Oakland-based artist who paints idyllic landscapes, which explore the sublime and romantic qualities of nature. Webster uses energetic brushstrokes, meandering lines, and fields of color to create abstracted landscapes combining natural and artificial elements. Explore here work here.

Suggestion by Justina Martino.

Naisa Gomez– Also known as Darktown Sally, Gomez specializes in eerie and creepy little portraits that bring the spirit of Halloween to life. Her watercolor prints are reminiscent of Tim Burton’s own sketches and seem to have a definite focus on witches and pumpkins. Great for decorating for All Hallow’s Eve and generally gothing up your Instagram feed. Check her out if you dare here.

Suggestion from Sarah Elliott.

Alex Yanes– This Miami artist creates three dimensional wood pieces with a quirky, humorous lives of their own. Yanes draws from his Cuban roots, as well as street, skateboard, rock, hip-hop and tattoo culture. His work is full of odd characters and loud colors, kind of like tattoo flash art on acid. Check out his work here.

Suggestion from Melissa Uroff.

Sarah Perez– Perez, who works out of Downtown Sacramento, is a full-time mother and artist with an affinity for brass and natural materials. Creating and selling her art under the name Electric Sun Creatives, she makes airy wall geometric wall hangings, jewelry, and eccentric planters. Her work is available for sale on Etsy as she finishes it. Check out what she’s working on now here.

Suggestion from Melissa Uroff.

Edited and Compiled by K. Hules.

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