Mayday Parade-‘Look Up And See Infinity, Look Down And See Nothing’-Off of the new album Black Lines, this new song from the pop punk band is subdued but evocative. ‘Look Up And See Infinity…’ is a short song with a long name and an atypical lyric structure. It lacks any recognizable chorus or bridge, but the echoing emptiness and poignant lyrics carry the track nonetheless. In fact, it almost comes off as a poem set to simple atmospheric instrumentation. Best listened to through headphones during sad or contemplative moments.

Suggestion by K. Hules.

Adele-‘Hello’– She kept us waiting for nearly five years, but damn, it was worth it. Adele’s new song is a soaring epic of remorse, a call for forgiveness, and a fantastic teaser for her upcoming album 25. ‘Hello’ shows us the adult in the 25 year-old singer, her voice undiminished by the years passed. It is chills-inducing like the best of her songs, and great through headphones.

Suggestion from Ryan Stewart.

Little Fevers-‘Parties We Missed’– If there’s one song to listen to on Minneapolis band Little Fevers’ debut LP, Field Trip, it is ‘Parties We Missed’. It’s probably the most mature and interesting song on the album. That’s not to say Field Trip is not a good album –in fact, this is an enjoyable debut. But ‘Parties We Missed’ stands out from the more common love songs on the album. With simple yet thoughtful lyrics and Breeders-esque sound, they could very well become standouts in the pop-rock, indie scene. Time will tell, and we look forward to hearing more from Little Fevers.

Suggestion from Kate J. Gonzales.

Weezer- Thank God For Girls- Weezer hits it again with this strange little song. The lyrics are oddly frenetic and abstract. ‘Thank God for Girls’ is a fun song with an eccentrically cannoli themed video. In a world of misogynistic songs and gender stereotypes, it’s good to hear a man praising a woman for being strong, even if the way he does it leaves us scratching our heads a bit.

Suggestion by Sarah Elliott.

White Fang-Bong Rip-This song is goofy, catchy and sure to give you a giggle. It’s nice to see a heavy riff band not taking themselves too seriously.  The music video is ridiculously silly and directed by Workaholics’ Kyle Newacheck. ‘Bong Rip’ is off of White Fang’s upcoming album Chunks out October 30th.

Suggestion by Melissa Uroff.

Edited and complied by K. Hules.

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