12027589_10206165641353281_925263151245032054_nNearly two years ago a few longtime members of the Sacramento music scene came together and began to build a collection of songs with a new sound. This Wednesday, Oct. 21, GTM will play its first show at The Press Club.

GTM had its beginnings in a detox center in Los Angeles in 2013. Members Jeffrey Valentine, bassist, and Mike Farrell, guitarist, were both working to get clean and knew one another from Sacramento. They both had their instruments in rehab, and began jamming together. When they returned to Sacramento, they added drummer Mike Cordano, who has played with The Snobs and Johnny James.

“It was like a fresh start, and we were able to form a good band with some good songs,” said Valentine, who has also played with Panda Bear Greens and Helper Monkeys. The band has fluctuated between three and five members. With five members, they’re known as MDFA and play more jam-style tunes. As GTM, Valentine and Farrell, who has played with Sex 66, Daisy Spot and other local bands, write the bands’ songs which are more straight-up rock ‘n’ roll and some punk. They now have a collection of more than a dozen songs they are perfecting, which they hope to record in 2016.

GTM has played shows at Harlow’s and Blue Lamp (at TUBE.’s Circus both 2014 and 2015), and this week’s show will be their first time playing together at The Press Club.

“I’m excited,” Valentine said. “It’s a place we’ve all played before as different bands and it’s a good midtown spot.”

GTM will share the bill with fellow Sac band Wasco.

“Come check it out because it’s good rock ‘n’ roll,” Valentine added. “The band we’re playing with, Wasco, is amazing.”

Check out GTM and Wasco Wednesday at 8 p.m. at The Press Club, and keep an eye out for more from GTM in the coming year.

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