thing on the beach imageWhat if a giant creature from the depths of the ocean became stranded on the beach after a storm? What would it do? How would it see this strange new world of light and air and humanity? These are the questions the Thing on the Beach cast and crew are endeavoring to answer. Lead by executive producer Gerald T. Olsen (Malibu Beach, The Lady in Red, Outside Chance, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School with The Ramones, Bloody Birthday, Nightmare on Elm Street 3) the San Francisco production is setting out to tell the story from the perspective of the monster.

Based on a particularly vivid dream of writer/producer Evan Pleger’s father, Thing on the Beach promises to be filled with campy fun and gory, gross-out delights. But in order to fulfill this promise, the production needs that little something that makes the world go ’round: money. So if the idea of seeing the world through the eyes of a monster intrigues you, click here to see more. Or check out their promo video below.

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