This month’s edition of Five to Watch will take you on a roller coaster ride through the strange worlds of miniaturist artists, bone jewelers, non-gentrifying muralists, and surrealist creators. Fasten your seatbelt and let’s go! 


Sabine Timm– Timm is the best kind of scavenger. Her work is primarily done with collected and found items. The photographer and sculptor makes odd little creatures and interesting dioramas that will make you think. She focuses in on multiples, such like a new age Tony Cragg.

See her collections on instagram.

Suggestion by Emily Swinsick.


Jana Miller– Miller is a unique artist. Her art consists of bones and teeth. She finds and collects these little treasures without harming a single animal and turns their morbid remains into beautiful trinkets and jewelry. It is quite magical.

Suggestion by Sarah Elliott.

Visit her gorgeous boneyard on instagram.



Mar Cerdà– This Barcelona-based illustrator creates whimsical, miniature dioramas with paper and watercolor. Her subjects include architecture, domestic interiors, film sets, and famous cities. Recently, Cerdà exhibited a miniature replica of the concierge desk from The Grand Budapest Hotel for Spoke Art’s Wes Anderson themed show, Bad Dads. Due to Cerdà’s extreme detail, viewers may easily get lost in her intimate, pocket-sized worlds.

Lose yourself in her small worlds on instagram.

Suggestion by Justina Martino.


Moran Victoria Sabbag– This artist, illustrator, designer and art director creates strange and amazing surrealist works. Not without a sense of humor, Sabbag’s work creates inexplicable worlds and thought provoking images. Each piece reflects a philosophical idea of great meaning to the artist and is both beautiful and weird to behold. 

Explore her realities on instagram.

Suggestion from Melissa Uroff.


Pastel– Also known as Francisco Diaz, Pastel is a Buenos Aires-based muralist and a architect. He believes in using murals to create new social identities for ‘non places’ without causing gentrification. His murals are full of lovely colors and well thought out negative space. They resemble giant house-sized wallpaper.

See his work on instagram.

Suggestion from Melissa Uroff.

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