The Instagram artist article is back and ready to highlight artists from all over the world we found through the virtue of the internet! This month we will introduce you to a photographer living in the mountains, an illustrator taking happiness to the street, an artist who straddles the line between sculpture and painting, a painter who shows us her emotions and watery fascination, and a street artist who combines silver screen Hollywood and screen painted graffiti. 

Laura DeAngelis- A photographer and artist living in the mountains of Boulder Creek, CA with her equally talented husband Tony, in the aptly named You and Me Camp. Her work is bright and filled with life, focusing on lines, symmetry, and reflections atypical ways. She also works with Close Up Collective in Santa Cruz and with Jessica Imus, on the Our Color Project.

See more of her photos on Instagram.

Suggestion by Emily Swinsick.

Mandy Lyn Perez- This Los Angeles-based artist creates colorful, sculptural wall hangings, which contain elements of both sculpture and painting. She creates these pieces by wrapping hand-made, wooden panels in layers of canvas and uses multiple coats of paint to create playful, geometric compositions. Some of Perez’s inspirations include electronic devices, punk rock posters, beach furniture, and 90’s Nickelodeon shows. Her thick, rich, and gooey compositions are like the fine art version of Nickelodeon slime!

Check her work out on Instagram.

Suggestion by Justina Martino.

Dallas Clayton- This artist is a breathe of fresh air. Where in today’s world it seems more common to point out flaws, he works toward lifting everyone up. Clayton is a children’s author and illustrator who focuses on the adult mindset. His work is simple and light-hearted. He also reaches the public through murals and rouge street art.

Get uplifted through his Instagram.

Suggestion by Emily Swinsick.

Linnea Strid- A Swedish artist who draws and paints people in water. Her work is photorealistic and a bit creepy. The images rarely show the full picture, instead giving the viewer an intense glimpse into an emotional moment. Strid’s work revels in the complexity of ripples, bubbles, and reflections. The dramatic portrayals of her subjects leaves the viewers with a new perspective on taking a bath and water in general.

Drown in her work on Instagram.

Suggestion from Sarah Elliott.

DAIN– This influential street artist takes old-style glamour and collages it with the detritus of today’s world. He uses many mediums and is known to work on a piece both in the studio and the street, sometimes taking it back and forth until he is satisfied. DAIN uses his work to contrast the sometimes destructive aspects of graffiti with the soft femininity of his subjects. The NYC-based artist then signs the work with a dripping circle around one eye of the subject.

See more on his Instagram.

Suggestion from Melissa Uroff.

Edited and Compiled by K. Hules.

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