Welcome to The List. a gathering of our favorite happenings that are happening each week in Sacramento CA.  Check out the where to go, what to do and who to see guide for the week of August 28-September 5 below.

1. Menagerie has a dreamy little line up of artists showing at Outlet Coworking on Friday, August 28.  From Jessica Filip’s textured wall hangings to dream-like portraits from Emerald Barkley this show is not to be missed.  Outlet Cowering is located at 2110 K Street in Midtown Sacramento.  For more information visit Menagerie’s Facebook page.

unnamed2. Silver Spoons is home from a brief West Coast tour.  In celebration of their return they will be joining Meet Me In Montauk and GASPS at the Naked Lounge Friday, August 28 for a night full of good old fashion rocking, experimental, indy fun.   Learn more about the event here.

Melissa Uroff Photography-63. Saturday, August 29, zombies will be easy to stumble upon throughout the streets of Sacramento CA.  The 15th Annual Sacramento Zombie Walk kicks off in Roosevelt Park (1615 9th Street) for the Carnival of the Dead which includes food trucks,  games, a zombie bikini contest and music from one of our favorite bands in town the MOANS.  The walk leaves at 7:30 to return back to the park at 9:00 to watch Night of the Living Dead under the stars.  Even if you are not part of the walking dead you can still join in on the fun.  For those living and brave at heart catch the walk on the R Street Corridor between 11th and 14th and fear for your life.  It might be a good idea to duck into Shady Lady while in the area, as they are running drink specials all day on Zombies and Corpse Revivers.  For more information visit the Trash Film Orgy website.

11903957_10153638016792577_6959313119751334159_n4. Need a laugh?  Go see Dave Ross, Anna Seregina and Johnny Taylor at the Ooley Theater on August 31.  The Ooley is great for plenty of reasons; it is a very intimate space which makes it a blast to see comedy in.  Plus bringing your own beer or wine to the show is encouraged.  Doors at 7:30, show starts at 8 and is 8 dollars. The Ooley is located at 2007 28th Street, in Midtown Sacramento.

11889422_1465985463704724_387761440106430579_n5. Shop Old Gold is a shop full of lovely vintage, handmade and new clothing.  They having a very serious sale on Saturday, September 5th that shouldn’t be missed.  Racks, bins and tables will be full of little ditties that are up to 90% off.  Go! GO! GO!!!!!  Old Gold in located inside of WAL at 1104 R Street in Midtown Sacramento.   Visit the Shop Old Gold website for more information.

Written and compiled by Melissa Uroff.

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