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See: Separate Spines, Cash Pony and Gentleman Surfer.

On Friday, Aug. 14th Cafe Colonial played host to Sacramento bands Separate Spines and Gentleman Surfer, as well as Oakland’s Cash Pony. Jessica Burke, Assistant Manager for Sunny Dragon Records, organized the event. “If you haven’t seen or heard of any these bands then you’re in for real treat,” she said.

The opening band, Separate Spines had a set up of three members on keyboards and two drummers. They have a sound that resembles the bands Animal Collective and Octopus Project. Up next was Cash Pony — a band with high energy and complex arrangements of jazz and ’60s psychedelic rock that took off without missing a beat.

Headlining the whole show was Gentleman Surfer whose drummer, Jon Bafus also did vocals. The sound was hard but playful as if a person were playing a video game. If you ever happen to catch any of these bands on a flier, do yourself a favor and be sure to go!

Photos and Words Alejandro Montaño

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