Italian street art collective, Cane Morto, will be releasing a film chronicling two wild months of unauthorized street painting in Lisbon. Amo-Te Lisboa: An Ignominious Street Art Movie looks to be a somewhat surrealist take on their painting endeavors, centering the story around a “cruel dead-dog deity called Txakurra, which gives [Cane Morto] the power to paint together as a single person” according to the film’s website. Txakurra orders them to drop everything including their mural commissions in order to get back to their street art roots and illicitly spread the word of his cult. The film documents their subsequent work and includes appearances from other street artists including Borondo, and RUN.

Amo-Te Lisboa is set to be ready for release by the end of July and screenings are slated to start in September. The locations are not yet finalized but include several European and American cities like New York, Philadelphia, Milano, Roma, Torino, Catanzaro, Lisbon, Covilha, Madrid, Gent, Paris, London, Hannover, Sofia, and Bergen. The film is even taking a quick visit down under to Sidney, Australia.

Check out the trailer here:

Amo-Te Lisboa is a completely independent film and therefore is reliant on a grassroots distribution and screening campaign. If you would like to host a screening in your town, please contact Cane Morto at

Words: K. Hules

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