Chelsea Wolfe-Grey Days- Chelsea Wolfe’s new single is lovely, eerie, and atmospheric. The instrumentation of “Grey Days” is dark with an industrial feel. Wolfe’s pretty voice hovers above it like a light at the end of the tunnel. The song is off of her upcoming album Abyss, due out August 7th.

Suggestion by Sarah Elliott.

Landlines -Things Haven’t Been The Same (Since You Got Back From Italy)– Landlines rolls out a great power pop, lo-fi, rock and roll tune with “Things Haven’t Been The Same (Since You Got Back From Italy).” The track is short but full of energy and is quite fun listening. The song is off of the Portland-based band’s new LP, Log Out, Tune Up, Drop Dead. The LP has a limited 100 copy release, making it a little more special.

Suggestion from Melissa Uroff.

Wilco-Magnetized- This hypnotically atmospheric track is off of Wilco’s new and long awaited album Star Wars. The album was released for free download this month with no advanced warning. ‘Magnetized’ is the last song off of Star Wars and closes the album with a softly melancholy reflection on being attached to someone. The abstract lyrics (“Orchestrate the shallow pink refrigerator drone/Carry in the shadows”) and sparse instrumentation leave lots of room for contemplation and speculation. Star Wars is available for download and will be released in physical form on August 21st.

Suggestion by K. Hules.

Clean Cut Kid-Vitamin C– Sick of your job? Sick of being single? Sick of life’s bullshit? Take a big, long gulp of ‘Vitamin C,’ the new single from Clean Cut Kid. This uplifting, upbeat song is a reminder that when all is going south—or going nowhere at all—someone understands. There is somebody out there who wants to see you smile and thrive. A favorite line: “If your life ain’t happening how you planned it, I feel your pain I can understand it.” Who can’t relate to that? So, if life has left you feeling beat down and wanting to mash the nearest object with a bat, maybe do an awesome dance around a bar with that bat instead. Sound random? Watch the video and you’ll see.

Suggestion by Kate J. Gonzales.

Jennifer Nettles- Sugar– This fluffy concoction of country pop is sweet like its name doesn’t overdo it. In fact, it pokes fun at the overly saccharin images put out by the industry. Nettles, who rose to fame in the band Sugarland, sings about being served up in a “little pink package” and hating it because “this girl you see/she’s just pieces of me.” Though not a particularly deep song, it is nevertheless a fun little number, great for singing and dancing along. Great for a quick sugar high pick-me-up.

Suggestion by K. Hules.

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