This installment of Five to Watch takes a look at artists on Instagram who work with humans as subjects, inspiration and even canvases. 

Tessa Renae– Renae is a photographer who uses a lot of film and is “unapologetic about imperfections” according to her website. She shoots her subjects with intense focus and sympathy. Her various series are interesting, dreamy, and beautifully experimental.Check her work out on instagram.

Suggestion from Melissa Uroff.

Adrián Art- A body painter, muralist, graphic designer, and all around artist, Adrián uses the human body directly in his art as a canvas and inspiration. His body paintings are bewitching and full of bright and florescent colors that entice the imagination. They redefine and reimagine the person they are painted on, making them a piece of art in their own right.

Explore his work further on instagram.

Suggestion by Sarah Elliott.

Alana Dee Haynes- It could be said that Alana Dee Haynes has literally left her mark on the work of other artists. An illustrator with a focus on geometric patterns, she has a made a name for herself by drawing over fashion photographs. The NYC artist’s work is ranges between subtle enhancement and wild redefining. She has worked with various publications and photographers in her work and even designs on clothing.

See more on her instagram.

Suggestion from Melissa Uroff.

Eli Smith– Also known as Makani Art, Smith is mainly a hyper realistic portrait artist. The San Diego based artist also dabbles in surrealism, but his focus is recreating memories from photos. According to his Facebook the reason he has devoted himself to this is, “I take visual documentation of memories – my memories, my friends’ memories, complete strangers’ memories – and devote hours upon hours to completely recreating them.” He does commissioned work and finds the process very fulfilling.

See his work at instagram.

Suggestion from Lea Bradley King.

Emerge from the Aether Tin Type Studio- This studio brings its customers back to the silver gilt beginnings of photography. The Sacramento based studio specializes in tintypes and antique photography methods. Their instagram is full of steampunk fun and their portraits remake their subjects into heroes, transport them to another time, and immortalize them in faded glory.

Check it out on instagram.

Suggestion from Melissa Uroff.


Edited and Compiled by K. Hules.

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