Alina Baraz & Galimatias- Show Me-  This song is a gorgeously atmospheric sonic experience, woven out of patchwork collages of sound and sultry vocals. The song is fresh off of Baraz & Galimatias’ debut EP Urban Flora. The whole EP is worth checking out, it is a beautifully crafted and subtle piece best enjoyed through headphones.

Suggestion by K. Hules.

Metric- The Shade- This new single is atmospheric, full of interesting and eclectic instrumentation. The band’s use of dissonance is strange but works nicely within the melodic structure. The song is upbeat and unapologetic about ‘wanting it all’. It is good fit for romantics looking to dance.

Suggestion from Ryan Stewart.

Of Monsters and Men- Hunger- Singer Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir’s beautifully mellow voice is wonderfully showcased in this pretty little tune. The raw lyrics reflect the pain of pulling oneself together after a break up and trying to move on. The song is off of the band’s upcoming album Beneath The Skin due to drop June 9th.

Suggestion from Sarah Elliott.

Jones-Indulge- This soulful song tells the story of an illicit love. Jones’ voice is beautiful and full of emotion and her lyrics are paint her lover in conflicted metaphors. The track is off of her debut EP of the same name, which dropped in mid-May.

Suggestion by K. Hules.

My Morning Jacket- Big Decisions- This song is reminiscent something one might hear a clip of in a Tarantino movie and Google to hear the whole thing. It is mellow and dreamy, with relatable lyrics about a friend or lover crippled with fear and indecision. Most people have probably been on both sides of that coin: stagnantly allowing life to pass by, or rolling one’s eyes while comforting a friend for their same baggage yet again.

Suggestion by Kate J. Gonzales.

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