TheMuffs_byKimShattuck2Celebrating nearly 25 years as a band, The Muffs will be performing at this year’s Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival. They recently released their latest album “Whoop Dee Doo” on the independent label Burger Records out of Fullerton, California. This is a big change for a band that was formerly singed to Warner Bros. and Reprise, respectively. TUBE. had the opportunity to get a few questions in with The Muffs lead singer-songwriter Kim Shattuck about being on Burger, rumored recording techniques, and her dog Riley. This is what she had to say.

TUBE: Congratulations on “Whoop Dee Doo” charting! Was this a pleasant surprise? Did you or the fellas at Burger Records hold that high of an expectation after you teamed up?

Kim: It actually briefly charted better than the records say. It got to 10 and then sunk back to 32. I actually called a guy at Billboard and asked him what happened and he said it was up to 10 briefly in some kind of local chart. I never expect chart stuff. Nor did Burger. It was a pleasant surprise!

TUBE: How is it working with Burger as opposed to other labels you’ve been on?

Kim: Burger have been super nice to us. And working with them has been a dream. They are extremely mellow and down to earth.

TUBE: Is it true that you prefer to record vocals in your bathroom?

Kim: I’ve never recorded vocals in my bathroom. That would be funny though. Me recording vocals while taking a shit. Haha. I’ve recorded vocals in the kitchen before. Last time I sang in my home studio.

TUBE: Did you collaborate with Kepi Ghoulie on “This Friend of Mine” in your bathroom, or his?

Kim: Neither. He sent me a track and I sang and sent it back to him. Extremely modern.

TUBE: Do you or the Muffs have any fond memories of playing in Sacramento? Perhaps at the Cattle Club?

Kim: I remember lots of happy people screaming at me.

TUBE: What does the future hold for Kim Shattuck?

Kim: I’m writing the next Muffs album as we speak. The guys want to get going on it and I don’t wanna be 100 when the next one comes out. I’m doing a bunch of shows with The Pandoras. Me on vocals and guitar, Melanie on organ, Karen on Bass and Sheri on Drums. We are only playing the cool Pandoras songs. None of the yucky ones.

TUBE: Yay, Pandoras!! Finally, how’s Riley doing?

Kim: Aww thanks for asking. He’s doing much better. He had lung cancer but we got it taken out and they got it all. He’s a tough little mutt.

TUBE: Great news! Thank you Kim for your time!!

Kim: Thanks to you!!!!

The Muffs will be performing next on May 24 at the 17th annual Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival in Las Vegas.  TUBE. will have up to date coverage of the entire festival via Instagram (follow us at TUBEmag) and stay tuned for full coverage right here on our site.  Learn more about Punk Rock Bowling at

Words: Hans White.

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