On a Saturday night in Downtown Sacramento, coffee in hand, local bands Sicfus, Embryo, and Big Water Beat rocked out at Shine coffee shop. The evening started out with trio Big Water Beat who kicked it off with a rustic twist on rock and roll. The small cafe filled up as the show got well under way, many clapped their hands and immersed themselves in conversations. The boys ended on an amazing note with their blues take on rock songs like “Devil’s Right Hand” and “Working Class Heart”. Emma Simpson, lead singer and bass player of local band Embryo kept the night moving along with her eccentric and free spirited personality. She laid colorful flowers on the stage and everyone took their places. The lead singer’s soft vocals added a appealing contrast to their rock and roll sound. They pumped up the room’s ambiance as everyone got into the music. Friends, band members, and music appreciators alike picked up their drinks and enjoyed everyone’s company. The cafe had a very welcoming and at home feeling where people could simply relax and enjoy some good music. In the last act, the lights dimmed and Sicfus, or the “old men”, as they called themselves, took the stage. The band, which formed when they were teenagers attending a nearby high school, jammed out to songs said to be based on anything from acid trips to their cats. The men added a musical and comical edge to the night that was still in full swing even as the show ended.

Words and Photos by Emma Jean Montalbano

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  1. Emma! This is an amazing write up. You have a very real writing style. I don’t know how it took me so long to find this article, but I am so thankful for it! I would love to sit down with you and talk music!


    Emma Simpson

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