In April, En Em Art Space hosted a dual exhibition of Installation art by artists, Joomi Chung and Jose Di Gregorio. Chung’s installation, entitled SWARM, consists of a large, nebulous web of black wire. Suspended from the ceiling, the web of varying mass and permeability appears to float whimsically across the gallery space. All of the wires are intricately shaped and connected by hand. Upon close inspection, the large wire form reveals itself to be an accumulation of smaller segments, each intricately shaped and connected by hand. Chung’s complex patterns invite close viewing from a variety of angles.


In contrast to Chung’s delicate, organically shaped, monochromatic installation, Di Gregorio’s I Think I’m Going Blind is full of saturated colors and complex geometry. In his installation, Di Gregorio painted the walls of the back gallery with various colors of spray paint to create a sensory rich, magical, celestial environment. Di Gregorio’s paintings, which consist of colored gradients overlaid with complex geometric patterns, are displayed throughout the gallery.tube_blind

This exhibit is open through Saturday, May 2. More information on En Em Art Space is available here.

Words and photos by Justina Martino.

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