Male Gaze- The Shining Path –The Shining Path is a swirling overlap of psychedelic and punk.  Male Gaze was formed from the ex members of Mayyors, Blasted Canyons, The Mall, and are full of fuzz, feedback, and frenetic energy. The band has a fresh sound that hasn’t overtaken the music scene (yet). The Shining Path is off of Male Gaze’s new self-titled album due March 23rd from Castle Face Records. Suggestion from Melissa Uroff.

Modest Mouse- “Sugar Boats” (aka “Heart of Mine)– This track off of the new Modest Mouse album starts off with a fantastic intro suggestive of The Doors, that sounds like it’s played on a player piano. It continues on carnival ride of quick beats and imagery comparing the singer’s heart to maps and machinery and his veins to a fuse. ‘Sugar Boats’ is off of Strangers to Ourselves which was released earlier this month.  Suggestion from Heather Uroff

Seth Avett and Jessica Mayfield- Roman Candle– A cover of an Elliott Smith song from Seth Avett and Jessica Mayfield’s new cover album. The intensity of this song really comes out in their version. The original is quieter and more subdued, with an acoustic solo at the end. Seth and Jessica really rock out on it, doing justice to the title “Roman Candle.” Her voice and the song’s style is reminiscent of The Breeders. It is like nothing else on this cover album and just makes the listener want to blast it. Suggestion by Kate J. Gonzales.

Sheer Mag -Button Up– This song a little salty and rough. Sheer Mag’s (short for ‘Sheer Magnitude) latest release is great because no matter how garage sounding they are, they still come off a little soft thanks to Christina Halladay’s catchy lyrics.  ‘Button Up’ is scratchy, rebellious, and destined to be played loud enough to cause ear damage. The song is off of their upcoming EP which is due out this year. Suggestion from Melissa Uroff.

The Flatliners- Resuscitation of the Year– This track is driven by a classic punk drum line with a deceivingly mellow intro. The vocals are a nice blend of rasping singing and hoarse screaming. ‘Resuscitation of the Year’ is a head-banging good time with a catchy chord progression and beat that is hard to deny. The song is off the band’s new double-sided single and its B-side is a previously unreleased track off from their 2013 Dead Language album called ‘Fangs’. Suggestion from Melissa Uroff.

Words K. Hules

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