Amy Leibrand

Leibrand is an environmental researcher from Ohio who uses her iPhone to create surrealist self-portraits. A highlight of her work are some of her photo collages, which inspire the title “traveling legs”, and seem to show an independent woman who strides around the Earth with ease and confidence. Her yellow heels and blue suitcase make the world seem a little smaller and more accessible. Her work inspires the viewer to travel and to create art. 

See the world with Leibrand and her yellow heels at

Suggestion by Kate J Gonzales.

Hana Haley

This San Francisco based Portland native specializes in taking photos of ‘girlie things’. She shoots mostly portrait photography and fashion. Her work is all on film and accordingly, has an aura of vintage glamour. Haley’s show Girls opened on 3/6 in Sacramento at the Lux Quaubas Gallery on K street. It focuses on ‘maneuvering through girlhood to womanhood’ and runs until 4/10.

Suggestion from Melissa Uroff.

Get a peek at her work on

Martin Christian

Local Photographer Martin Christian is a 3-time Emmy winning KVIE/PBS Director of Photography. In his most recent work, he captures a unique perspective of doors that most people would walk right by and never notice. The colors are brilliant and the photos make one want to know what’s behind the door. Christian has show of this series coming up this month called “The Doors of Sacramento” at Midtown’s Jimmy’s Barber Garage.

Check out Christian’s doors at

Suggestion by Sarah Elliott.

Andy. C

Andy. C uses his craft to capture the breath of life in urban landscapes and play with light. The Native Angeleno takes both aerial and ground level shots of cityscapes and beaches. He also does amazingly complex light painting photos with fellow photographer xrissvlad.

Take a look at his work at

Suggestion from Naomi Lucchesi

Cesar Blay

Blay’s work is fun, playful, and a bit risqué. A highlight of his work is his use of Legos, Star Wars characters, Barbie dolls, and other toys in order to portray scenes of friendship, single life, and intimate scenes between lovers. Blay’s scenes are well thought out in terms of space, composition, and lighting, which make his scenes more than just randomly placed toys. The scenes become snapshot memories like those one would see in a family photo album.

Suggestion by Alejandro Montaño.


Edited and Compiled by K. Hules.

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