While out thrift store shopping you can find all sorts of treasures from the past, but you do not always immediately know what they might be used for. For example, vintage hard suitcases look cool but they are a bit awkward and bulky. 
The key has most likely gone missing decades ago and even if you had it, you are not allowed to lock your luggage when flying these days. So what can we do with these old beauties? Why not make a comfy yet stylish bed for your furry best friend?
For this project you will need a vintage hard suitcase. Pick the size that best fits your pet.
Next, you will need some supplies: 4 wooden table legs (the shorter the better), spray paint, painters tape, angle top plates to screw the legs into, a pillow, a blanket, and trash bag.

Dissembling the case can be a bit challenging. I  suggest you take what tools you have and start prying the two halves apart. Sharp tools and a hammer were very helpful for me. I pried open the hinges and used an ice pick and a hammer to knock loose the pins.


Once you have the case in half, pick one side for your bed. The side with the handle adds character but either side would suffice. Next position your top plates in place. Use a pencil or marker to mark where to drill the holes. Then drill the holes and screw in the top plates.
From there you can screw in the legs. The screws will poke through to the other side. If you do not have a tool to cut them off then you can take some old wine corks, cut them into thirds, and twist them onto the screws to prevent injury on your pet’s paws.
Now all you need is your pillow. Use a trash bag over the pillow to keep it clean. Put your pillowcase or blanket over that and tuck it into your bed. This way you only need to wash the cover and not the entire pillow.
TUBE Magazine_Sarah Elliott_DYI pet bed_13
Once you have finished simply grab your little friend and lay them gently in their new luxurious bunk and watch them purr with joy.
 Photos, words and creative ideas by Sarah Elliott

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