Top 5 Instagram artists we think you should to follow.

1st Instinct

The 1st Instinct, also known as photographer Brian Alcazar is a video game designer and photographer based out of New York City. He takes beautifully stark and atmospheric photos of the streets of the Big Apple, highlighting the little beauties of the mundane.

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Jesse Hernandez

Jesse Hernandez is a muralist, animator, designer, concept artist and maker of vinyl toys. The Bay Area Native works in a style know as Urban Aztec which combines graffiti style art with ancient indigenous culture. He has done murals around the world and been featured in magazines, video games, and museums.

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Stikki Peaches

Stikki Peaches is a stick up street artist, who, due to the nature of his work, does not talk much about himself. His work plays with redefining and combining images from pop culture. With his art, Peaches poses the question: What if art ruled the world?

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Shaun Burner

Shaun Burner is a Northern Californian large scale painter and muralist. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Burner works with artists all over the world, especially the Trust Your Struggle Collective in Puerto Rico. His murals are an interesting blend of figure work and abstraction.

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Few and Far

The Few and Far is an all-female street art and skater collective formed in 2011. They bring together women from around the world who are committed to ‘creativity, education and social justice’. The collective was started by self taught graffiti artist and skater Meme who formed the group in Oakland when organizing a mural for an industrial neighborhood.

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Words: K. Hules

Recommendations from: Melissa Uroff, Naomi Lucchesi

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