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See: Band of Lovers

ecccd0_3e5c31111cc44a29a87086dbba0e43c9Band of Lovers is a fun and hip spin on folk music. Singers and instrumentalists Dave Strumfeld and Sabina Beachdell have found the niche mix of something one would hear in a romantic indie film or might listen to when going on a picnic with a best friend. With their single “Tennessee” already released and their album, The Coast approaching, Strumfeld and Beachdell start their national tour this month. The album release on February 14th will also follow with a show at Shine in Sacramento on February 20th. What better way to spend a lovely February night than singing and dancing to good ol’ romance? Along with Band of Lovers, local bands Spangler and Orange Morning will be playing. With such a line up there is no reason someone would say no to this event.

Learn more about Band of Lovers at

Words: Susie Que


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