Ghost Culture- ‘Giudecca Beats’– ‘Giudecca Beats’ is a chilled out electronic song that is nevertheless reminiscent of synth-heavy 80s dance songs. The atmospheric vocals and sparse instrumentation on the track brings back memories of Depeche Mode and Flock of Seagulls. The song is off of Ghost Culture’s self titled album released earlier this month.

Fallout Boy-‘Irresistible’– The pop rock powerhouse band has released a new single off of their new album American Beauty/American Psycho which was released this week. ‘Irresistible’ is true to its name: fun, addicting, and eminently danceable. And in true Fallout Boy form, the catchy music is belied by dark and snarky lyrics that give the careful listener an glib little glimpse into a destructive relationship.

Twerps- ‘I Don’t Mind’– This laid back song brings a hint of lazy summers to brighten the grey fog of January. ‘I Don’t Mind’ is perfect for a slow moving day when lying around and listening to music seems like the best thing in the world. The track is off of the band’s new album Range Anxiety which is due next week.

Purity Ring- ‘Begin Again’– The Canadian electro duo has released a second track from their upcoming album Another Eternity, due in March. “Begin Again” once again unites Megan James’s wispy vocals with Corin Roddick’s seductively volatile beats, but the result this time is noticeably heavier than most anything on their 2012 debut release.

Ty Segall- ‘Mr. Face’– A new song off of the California psychedelic rocker’s new EP by the same name. ‘Mr Face’ is catchy little acid trip of energetic guitars and fuzzy vocals. The track is a great rock out tune and highly recommended listening for exercising or head banging. Released just last week, the EP features four all-new songs.

Words by K. Hules with contributions from Mason Hershenow, Sarah Elliott, and Melissa Uroff.

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