As a crafter and an environmentalist I really enjoy the idea of taking something old and drab-looking and giving it a makeover. Finding these things is easier than one might think. Many people throw away perfectly usable items to make way for new purchases. You can stumble upon them in alleys, garage sales and of course, thrift stores. And with a little time and patience these items can be brought back from the grave and reborn to another long life in your home.
This week, we will look at picture frames. First, you will need a few old frames. Pick out the ones with little quirks and goofy flowers or textures, the cheesier the better.
          Old Frames
Next, you will need some easy decorating supplies like spray paint, or any old paint you have lying around the house.You can use all kinds of things to decorate, like dollar store glitter, old buttons, or small objects. Be creative.
Prep your frames by removing glass and back inserts. If they do not come off, use a plastic bag to cover them. Place frames on the ground with a plastic sheet or scrap wood, anything you don’t mind getting paint all over.
Once they are dry you can start adding more paint by hand, sparkles, even scrap paper and mod podge could work. The possibilities are limitless.
TUBE Magazine_Sarah Elliott_Frame DIY8
Now you have beautiful frames that look like they came from some fancy boutique! And remember up-cycling isn’t just fun, it’s good for the environment.

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Words and Photos by Sarah Elliott.

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