Photo Monica Coleman

Kate Pierson, founding member of the B52s, is debuting a new single for her forthcoming solo record Guitars and Microphones. The song, and most definitely the video are a hazy, strange, and possibly intentionally comical plea of help for turtles. Which possibly explains why Pierson seems to be singing in a green screen aquarium.

While musically sound and backed by Pierson’s strong vocals, “Bring Your Arms” raises some odd questions such as: Why are we running with a lightbulb? Why are Pierson’s eyebrows gold? Is a ‘trek through a tortoise head’ a euphemism for being on some sort of drug? Where can we get some of that?

Guitars and Microphones drops February 17th. It contains “Bring Your Arms” as well as Pierson’s previous single, the less confusing “Mister Sister”. A portion of the proceeds for “Bring Your Arms” will go to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

If Pierson’s latest video tickled your fancy try the “Mister Sister” video featuring Fred Armisen in a pair of fringed yellow gloves. And don’t forget to bring your arms.

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