Remember our Italian street artist friends Cane Morto? Well in addition to their new exhibit in Rome this winter, the collective just released an exciting new fanzine! It is published by Gradients Editions, produced by Gorgo and C-41 Magazine, with texts by Diego Fadda and Luca A. Caizzi; pictures by Tanguy Bombonera and layout by ZI Italy. Each one contains an original drawing from Cane Morto themselves.

“United we stand, devided we fall”, with this spirit Gorgo Magazine and C-41 Magazine sum up the efforts to give birth to the first editorial project branded Gradients Network and characterized by a double identity. A paper edition that meets halfway Canemorto’s street work and Tanguy Bombonera’s photographs.

Gorgo Magazine is an Italian reality that has been following the development of the global urban scene for many years. Gorgo doesn’t come into the world as a product, but rather as a natural need of giving a constant point of reference to the aficionados through a deepened look at the street art, at the new trend of Italian and international wall art and at micro-editorial projects.

C-41 is an online magazine of photography. It’s not an art gallery and it’s not a niche. It’s not subversion, yet it doesn’t claim to enclose authorship within the narrow spaces of authori- ty. It’s not just images. It’s also interviews and projects of different kinds. In progress, thematic projects that involve all aspects of work, from research to social sharing.

Gradients Network is first of all a sharing of intents, a will of unify under the same name first the working ethic and then the contents of the websites that take part in it. A network that has its big surplus value in its contents and that looks at the different forms of art as an ideal catalyst of contents and emotions.
Gradients Network presents itself to the public with this combined exit between two of his realities with the will of carrying on this way.

Is there something beautiful in ugly? This seems to be the main question that Canemorto asks those who find themselves comparing with their productions. The answer is yes, such as a dog void of life, bitten and spitted at the side of the street. The productive path of the Italian trio is the imaginary answer to a society able to painstankingly bombard us with images and ideas of aesthetic perfection. The authors offer a deep visual contrast characterized by distorted images and rended faces in which the uncontrollable and emotional impulses of human being prevail and we find ourselves in front of man’s real aesthetic.

Awful-looking subjects at the limit of inhuman animate, the heavy and sharp lines paint their rough skin, the anguish of feelings that open up and prevail commutes their aspect. These are the protagonists of the productions signed by the authors. We find ourselves in contact with the deepest plagues of human soul and we see them emerge permanently changing their physical connotes.

With no filters, Canemorto paint their visceral interpretation of man, awful in his existan- ce, sad, melancholy, victim of times.

In the past months, Canemorto went to Lisbon. 60 days of total immersion in the urban texture of the Portoguese city. Between the walls of the city center, the long line of the train, the rooftops and pillars of the highway, pushed by a savage impulse, the Italian trio gave birth to 30 different interventions, a non-quantifiable number of night bombing, everything without any kind of permission or authorisation.

An incredible experience from which this new publication is born. From the title “Cão Morto em Lisboa”, the fanzine is the opportunity of a complete immersion in the trip made by the artists. Followed by Tanguy Bombonera who shot all the achievements occurred, the publication offers the occasion of seeing with our eyes the result of two months spent in Lisbon through a double and different interpretation. Through the texts that go with the images present in the publication, the editors of Gorgo Magazine and C-41 Magazine ana- lize the work done by the artists and the photographer.

The fanzine comes out in a limited edition of 70 copies, 300gr rigid cover, 34 color pages printed on 150gr paper. The artists and the magazines wanted hard to combine every copy of the publication with a different and original artwork, a gift that embellishes and makes unique each copy of the fanzine.

The coming out is expected for the 15th of December on the online store Medusa Art Shop at 2:00 p.m. Central Europe Time.



Only 70 copies will be printed, so if you’re interested, swing by to the Medusa Art Shop and order your copy pronto!

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