This year was the first time that the Global Winter Wonderland was held in Sacramento. The festival of light is brought to the capital by the International Culture Exchange Group (ICEG), which specializes in multi-cultural arts and entertainment. The Wonderland consisted of global landmarks from Europe, The Americas, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. However, the best part of the light display was not the structures themselves, but the materials they were constructed with. The handcrafted structures were draped with dyed silk and then texturized with recycled materials such as CD’s, cans and plastic bottles for added dimension.

Not only did the Winter Wonderland provide a stunning light show from around the world, but also multi-cultural entertainment of musicians, dancers, acrobats and more. On the Hispanic themed day, Folklorico Cali, a dance academy based out of Elk Grove performed, as well as Banda Tierra Azteca, a Mexican band out of Yuba City. Along with the international entertainment and luminous displays from around the world, the park also features a small carnival with rides, games and a dinosaur maze that provides fun for all ages and a wonderful evening for family and friends.

The Global Winter Wonderland will be running until Sunday, January 4th, 2015. It is being held at the Cal Expo, at 1600 Exposition Boulevard, Sacramento, CA. To learn more about the festival and ICEG click here.

Words and Photos by Alejandro Montaño.

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