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Michael Rault is a Toronto based singer, guitarist and songwriter fronting his own eponymously named band. A gifted multi-instrumentalist and arranger, his hooky blend of pop rock refracts an evolution of guitar-based music through the ages. An era-defying mischievousness defines his synthesis of jukebox R’n’B and acid psych as refracted through the experience of an adolescence spent idolizing the clever craftsmanship of the Beatles and the wiggy New Orleans textures of Dr. John in equal measure.

So we offer this opening salvo, Rault’s immeasurable yet approachable talents crystalized, and present an introductory cassingle via Burger Records (in cooperation with Bad Actors), which premiered yesterday on SPIN. Produced in collaboration with members of Fucked Up and Slim Twig, yet written and performed entirely solo – “Nothing Means Nothing”/”Still Not Sad” (out now!) further rarefies Rault’s economic and modernized take on classic rock tropes. Expect a busy year in 2015 for this dynamic instrumentalist and performer.

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