While the turkeys are cooking and the families are gathering, a few of the TUBE.rs thought we would take a minute to tap into our mushy side and share with you what we are oh so thankful for.  Here is an inside view to who we love, what we love and what gives us a smile.

Melissa Uroff: Art.  Avocados.  Laughter.  Music.  Matt.  Roller skates, sand in my toes, and scary movies.  My two smelly dogs, having great friends, my crazy family and fireworks.  I am thankful for all the people who have given me a chance to try something new, who helped me try something great, who make me laugh when I’ve given up, who challenge me, inspire me, make art with me, dance with me, play music with me.  I am thankful for all the people around me that make my heart explode on a regular basis.

Naomi Lucchesi: Grateful for amazing life long friends, for my crazy family, for the dogs and cat that give me grey hair, but most of all for the rollercoaster ride that I call life.

Sarah Elliott: Bees, beer and babes.

K. Hules: I’m thankful for Ryan (Stewart), my family, National Novel Month, TUBE., that I am graduating soon, and that neither my big brother nor I died in our motorcycle accident in June.  I am thankful for my awesome roommates and that Ryan didn’t wake up when I just smashed a spider in our bed.  And I will be even more thankful when I find the damn thing.

Lea Bradley: I usually hate everything about my body, but I am incredibly thankful for its amazing ability to grow a perfect little person in just nine months.

SvenOlai: I’m thankful for positive punks, hardworking people in the Sacramento music scene that keep it alive, and you for giving us this platform

Suzie Que: NPR, also feminism and Morrissey.

Morgan GeeFamily, art, and those who support the arts!

Emma Montalbano: I’m thankful for the well-being of my family, my own personal health, and the success of my family.  Wheels and cheese (it’s like Mac and Cheese).

Klaiber: I am thankful for my Dog, my friends, my family, my warm house, lots of food, Good Food! Being healthy, my new job, De Mon-nay, all my lessons which have taught me the right and the wrong way to do stuff, the Universe, God… What ever you call it… who is the architect of all life, worlds, connections may we all guide and be guided correctly…
The Sage, the I Ching, I am thankful for all the beautiful women in the world who shine their love from inside their souls!
I am thankful for All my ex-girlfriends and all my new girlfriends to come!
I am thankful for this morning and being able to sleep in and be lazy!
Also that I was able (in my robe) to run out bare foot and get the trash out before the trash man showed up cause the trash was full of heavy shit from my old job and my house mate!
I am thankful for today tomorrow and the next day and yesterday and the years gone by.
I am thankful for the Sac State Ceramics Department!
I am thankful for
For BlackBird and the shows I’ve done there. In fact I am thankful for all shows I have done anywhere and that I will do in the future and the shows that I am working on right now! (TUBE MARKET!!! BODY TRIBE SHOW!!!)
I am thankful for my guitar, my banjo, my heart, my soul, my body,
My editor, who after this piece we will see if they are thankful for me, (Note from the editor; Yes John, your editor loves you beyond belief.)  The Bavavadghita, acupressure and all it has taught me, meditation, the river!!!  All the extra special people in this life who make loving life an easy way to live! I am thankful for all the new babies and young and growing people may we all forever guide and  be guided toward the ways of excellence and inner and outer love and contentment!  I am thankful for the old folks who have guided us and cared for us and now we get to do the same for them.  I am thankful for those of us in the middle road of life and all that we are and do and that we all find happiness and peace and love within our selves as well as out. And finally I am thankful for TUBE.  All the Great TUBErs.  The World in which we TUBE.  And it’s Fearless Matriarch.  Melissa!  A bright light always starts in the center.  May the Force Be With Us All!!!  2014 and Beyond!!!

Of course it goes without saying that we are thankful for you too!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We wish you the happiest of days!

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