10406762_703142773112493_8460173102823039034_nWhen one hears of a birthday involving people talking about how cancer has affected their lives, it might not sound like a joyous affair. That isn’t the case when Danny Secretion’s Lame Ass Birthday Bash comes around each year in early November. The birthday bash (known as FUCK CANCER) is a three day music fest, where everyone can come out, enjoy some good company, listen to great music, and remember those who have dealt with cancer first hand. The tone stays away from the somber morning of death, but instead focuses on the joyful celebration of life.

Secretion has been in many touring bands over the years and has made a lot of friends, most of which are happy to play this legend’s birthday into a grand affair.  This year the bash was held at The Witch Room located in midtown Sacramento CA.  All proceeds go toward The American Cancer Society. No previous goal was set, however after the event Secretion stated via Facebook that the weekend had brought in $5810.

Note from the Editor November 19th 2014.

Here is an update on what happened with all the money raised.  Great job Sacramento!  This quote taken from Danny Secretions Facebook page.  “LATEST UPDATE: So every now and again, The American Cancer Society makes an offer to match donations for a day for up to $500,000. Well, they happened to be making that offer today…which just so happened to be the day I have chosen to make the online donation! $5810.00 x 2 = a potential donation of $11,620.00 from the Sacramento Music Community!!!”

Words Chelsea Alice.

Video Melissa Uroff.

Bands Featured in video 
The Bar Fly Effect
City Of Vain
The Community
The Knockoffs

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