Didn’t think you were going to need to dress up for Halloween?  Are you searching through the Rite Aid isles of over picked costumes in sheer panic wondering what to do?  Have no fear!!!  The TUBE.rs are here!  Here are 11 quick last minute Halloween costumes made with things found in our very own closets.  Proof that you can have a ton of fun with what you already have.  Happy Halloween!



The Tourists.

Have an old moo moo in your closet? An abundance of Hawaiian shirts from that cheesy BBQ last summer? Just draw on a mustache, grab that old camera and you are out the door in less than ten minutes headed to the party!



The Witchy Woman.

I’m sure you have some old crows lying around from your last trip to the dollar store. Cut out some cardboard ribs and get some white spray paint and you are lookin’ creepy as hell. Muahahaaaa!


TUBE._Magazine_2014-3 copy

The Annoyed Teenager.

Get that old skanky dress out of the closet and a cell phone with some pink lipstick and then just look really really bored and annoyed. You probably have this look down already, perfect!



The Bored House Wife.

Grandmas old kitchen apron will finally come in handy with this lovely idea. Hair in a beehive and some sultry red lipstick to wow em! Don’t forget a cigarette in hand for extra drama.


TUBE._Magazine_2014-4 copy

Thrift Store Gyspy.

Gypsies are fun and easy. Who doesn’t own a million old scarves they never use or need. Don’t donate those old smelly rags just yet. Wrap a few around your waist, one around your head and throw on that gawdy old jewelry from great Aunt Maude and dance off into the night.



Dia Los Muertos.

Everyone loves Day of the Dead. And why not? It’s so colorful and fun! Just draw some flowers and a skull on your face paired with lots of fake old dusty flowers and the brightest dress you can find. FABULOSO!


Doctor Who, Times Two.

Wish you could take a trip on the Tardis or save another planet with your sonic screwdriver? Well this is your day! All you need is a bowtie, a fez, that old white server button up blouse you swore you would never wear again and your mans vintage tweed blazer!



The Flasher.

You don’t need much for this one. You have sunglasses, right? A trench coat? Your birthday suit? Done!



Oh Deer!

So cute isn’t she? This sweet little fawn will win your heart over. Dont ask me where to get your own personal deer horns but it wasnt Bambi’s mom, I promise. Throw some furry lingerie on and stay out of the road!



The Tooth Fairy.

She will pull all of your teeth out in a snap! An old prom dress, your kids fairy wings plus plyers and you are ready to scare some children and make some money in the process!




Creepy wolf girl. Do make up as seen here, tease the hell of of hair and thrown on an old fur coat.  Guarenteed to make you will feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Photos, articles and costumes are just another great TUBE.er collaboration.

MUAH Sonya Millner.

Photos and words: Sarah Elliott, Heather Uroff and Melissa Uroff

Models: Sara Adams, Jackie Elliott, Sarah Elliott, Emory King, Paige Metcalf, Suzy Schmidt, Suzy Schmidt, Heather Uroff and Melissa Uroff

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