The debut album of Meatbodies is a sighing swirl of psychedelic guitars and indistinct vocals that immediately brings to mind images of sixties garage and drug trips. The self-titled album as a whole is woven of pushed back vocals, fuzzy guitars, and sound effects reminiscent of the Beatles in their LSD phase. The style is similar to that of Ty Segall’s most recent album Manipulator. This is hardly a coincidence as Segall released previous tapes of Chad Ubovich, the mind behind Meatbodies, through his label, God? Records. It also harkens back to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, Jet, and old school punk.

The songs fit together neatly and often flow into one another in a way that makes it a bit hard to tell which track is which. Here are the songs that stand out:

 The Archer– The opening track is short but distinct: an instrumental of eddying sound that opens the album with an interesting bit of mystery.

 Tremmors– This catchy tune is full of crunching guitars and a wailing bridge that will resound in your head for days.

Plank– A gentle psychedelic lullaby complete with hazy echoes and curious whirls of sound effects.

Gold– This song picks up the pace with frenetic energy, channeling a sort of acid trip punk mentality.

Wahoo– Rhythmic and catchy with startlingly effected echoes, this song is would be anthem if the lyrics were more decipherable.

Today we share with you Disorder.

Meatbodies is an interesting throwback to the mind-altering days of twisted Dead Heads and flower children. It is energetic, fun, and worth listening. The album will be released on October 14th. And if the recording is not enough, the band will be playing in San Francisco on November 15th at Bottom of the Hill.

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