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DIY: Bath Time Is For The Birds!!!

Do you love to frolic with the finches?  Find yourself relaxing with the ravens?  Perhaps you wish there was a spa for the sparrows…  If you are living in a birder’s paradise we have got the thing for you! Starlings will go starkers for a bath in this DIY bath haus for the birds.

To start, you will need a craft glue called E6000. Try not to get it on anything you don’t want glued down, because it will never come off! It runs about $5 a tube.

Next you will need a nice selection of glassware. Large vases, old dishes, ashtrays, lampshades, and figurines work best.

Make sure you have a nice even surface to work on so that everything dries the way you left it. Start pairing and stacking things together to get an idea of what looks good. Size doesn’t matter.

Next, pick your pieces: start with the base and apply ample amounts of glue.

Handle the finished product gently, as you may still need to apply a second coat the next day. Allow 24-48 hours to dry.

On the third day it should be ready to present to the world. Let the birds frolic and enjoy!SarahElliott TUBE Mag-10Words and photos: Sarah Elliott (with an extra pun or two compliments of K. Hules)



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