GGreen1June 2013 was the first time that I laid my eyes on G. Green and it was an absolute happy accident.  Visiting the Bike Forth in Davis to catch Parquet Courts and Fine Steps, I stumbled upon the band and their babe of a drummer Liz Liles.  At the end of their set I walked strait up to Liles and told her, “You are the most adorable drummer I have ever seen,” quickly smiled and walked away.  I then made the short trip home from Davis to Sacramento feeling inspired and intrigued.

Just over a year has passed since that night in Davis CA and I admit I have been keeping tabs on the band since then.  For those who are unaware of G. Green, the Sacramento based band basically screams rock and roll.  They are made up of Andrew Henderson (vocals, guitar) Liz Liles (drums, vocals), Mike Morales (guitar, vocals) and Simi Sohota (bass, vocals).

Their latest album Area Codes is only a slight departure from the bands previous album titled Crap Culture, meaning that the only true difference is that they have matured. All of the sudden their talents melded together and they have never sounded more solid.  Area Codes is a tenacious collection of  songs that slide perfectly into each other.  It is obvious that the band put a lot of time and thought into bringing their latest release full circle.

The band is ending nearly a month long tour in their hometown of Sacramento CA, playing at Witch Room, August 30th, along with Rat Columns and Violent Change.  Go see them.  You will want to dance.  You will bob your head.  You will like them.   Area Codes is G. Green’s second album on Mt.St.Mtn and is to be released the night of the show.

For show info click here.

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