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A final look at the Downtown Plaza.

Demolition of Sacramento’s Downtown Plaza became visible on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 starting at the corner of L and 6th Streets. What is now a pile of rubble will become the new home of the Sacramento Kings Arena near October 2016.  A space with a viewing window for the public has been set up at 7th and K Streets if you would like to watch the demolition and/or building of the new structure. The window will remain available until the completion of the project.

Just a few days prior to the demolition, TUBE. photographer Sarah Elliott and her daughter Jackie had one final love affair with the old building. View the story of one last stroll through the Downtown Plaza below.

Words Melissa Uroff

Photos Sarah Elliott


One thought on “A final look at the Downtown Plaza.

  1. Makes me kinda nostalgic, but it stopped being a thriving area a while ago. I hope the arena installs works of art but probably not.

    Does anyone else remember the dinosaurs? Those were so awesome!

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