Lagunitas Beer Circus is one of those things that just shouldn’t be missed. Since our jaunt with the festivities in 2013 we have been (very) impatiently counting down the days of its return. The Circus takes place each summer at the Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma, CA with proceeds going towards keeping music in schools. This is year 6 of the brewery opening their doors to a twisted exotic costumed world of side-show performers, burlesque acts, acrobats, contortionists, music and of course beer. Colorfully dressed patrons blend into a sea of accordions, mimes, clowns and stilts. Local breweries and eateries plant themselves in pop up tents weaved between three stages of outstanding entertainment put on by The Vau De Vire Society and The Moral Minority.

Performers of at the Lagunitas Beer Circus in Petaluma CA 2014.  Photo Melissa Uroff
Performers of at the 2014 Lagunitas Beer Circus in Petaluma CA. Photo Melissa Uroff

Molotov and Dixie Delish steal hearts as they play up mid-century America while throwing knives, cracking whips and swallowing swords.

At the Circus the folks without painted faces seem to stand out more than someone who is in a tutu  and on stilts. It is difficult to distinguish the performers from the patrons.

Molotov uses a sledgehammer to break a cinderblock which on top of a performer laying on a bed of nails.


The Moral Minority stage included acts such as burlesque and traditional side-show. It even included a lion tamer and her kitties.

Performance was found off the stage and throughout the venue.

The Vau de Vire Society kept things aerial and bendy.  Group acts of aerial performers dangled from the sky while contortionists twisted their bodies below.  A modern burlesque act where each balloon was “shot” by a villain, revealing a bit of the burlesque babes body upon each pop quickly became a crowd favorite. As the final balloon exploded, it covered the girl with red liquid,  the final “shot” was made.  It was very dramatic.

It is easy to say that the Lagunitas Beer Circus has something for everyone (over the age of 21). It is basically guaranteed a good time.  Thank you again Lagunitas. You sure know how to throw a party! We had a blast and cannot wait until next year!

Loren Swartos enjoying himself very much at the 2014 Lagunitas Beer Circus held in Petaluma CA. Photo Melissa Uroff
Loren Swartos enjoying himself very much at the 2014 Lagunitas Beer Circus held in Petaluma CA.
Photo Melissa Uroff

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