1926848_501333569988589_1662902357_nAnyone that went to the Rise Entertainment’s 2014 Colonial Music Festival can take solace in the fact they got to see over sixty incredibly talented bands live, and if you had to miss out on the festival, well then maybe you should quit reading now – you might start crying.

Crying wouldn’t necessarily be surprising because clearly you weren’t punk rock enough to handle going to the Colonial Musical Festival anyways…but that’s okay, Reality Check TV, Hangtown Skate Shop and Tube Magazine definitely were!

If you’re craving to see any interviews with the bands you can watch Reality Check TV Sacramento’s footage online in the near future. Tube Magazine had more than enough fun and I’ll share with you some of my favorite bands in the mean time.



Searching for proof that pop punk music isn’t dead? Well you can stop looking and start listening to The Barfly Effect if you’re in need of some auditory evidence.

The Sacramento band specializes in wrecking havoc and playing music that is fun to get down to, but you’d already know this if you were lucky enough to see them live at the Colonial Music Festival. The crowd went wild, dancing and play moshing, to their high energy songs. Reminiscent of punk you grew up listening to, seeing The Barfly Effect live is all about having fun. You know, like having a couple beers after a long day at work, or riding Go Karts (although before the beer, not after).

What makes The Barfly Effect stand apart from other punk bands is a culmination of things – an engaging lead singer, each band member’s energy, and of course, those terribly catchy songs, that will have you headbanging and humming for days.

Don’t just take my word for it though, listen to Something New at http://thebarflyeffect.bandcamp.com/ and make sure to like The Barfly Effect afterwards at https://www.facebook.com/thebarflyeffect


Hardcore punk band Zero Progress left the crowd stunned with their top notch performance, and made new fans out of practically everyone in the audience. Make sure to download some of their music at http://zeroprogress.bandcamp.com/ and, as the lead vocalist said himself after finishing at the Colonial Music Festival, “yeah, you’re fucking welcome.”



Transfixed, mesmerized, and slightly traumatized, is the only way to describe Kill The Precedent’s visceral, but psychologically probing, performance during the Colonial Music Festival. Dressed up in costumes that paid homage to McDonalds, the band made a tremendous impression on their enthusiastic audience as risque images played on the screen behind them. Audience members clamored at the stage, connecting with the dark vibes and impressive energy that Kill The Precedent emitted. For a safer way to monitor and enjoy Kill The Precedent, listen to them online at http://www.reverbnation.com/killtheprecedent


Stay tuned for a bunch of Colonial Fest photos!!

Words: Dig This Not That

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