After bringing the largest crowd Midtown Barfly has ever seen, ΔSCHEME (Pyramid Scheme) is returning to give you yet another unforgettable night this Saturday, May 17.

ΔSCHEME has been creating music for years, and is made up of three charismatic men: brownCHILD (producer), Robbie P. (lyricist), and Nasty Nate (lead DJ). They have recently become resident DJs at Midtown Barfly, so it is likely that you will be seeing their name more often. 

“Music is a conversation and we spend a lot of time discussing ideas and concepts.”  brownCHILD said. “The love of music has brought us together.”

All three members, who are also close friends, cite their willingness to talk about any and everything together as what has helped them create such genre defying, addictive, music.

“Our music sounds like everything you like put together – EDM, Bay Area, hip hop, acoustic,”Robbie P. said. “Everyone can relate to it and our music is something our generation can follow.”

The group plans to play more shows in Northern California, as well as tour down to Los Angeles after their upcoming album is complete, but they hope to one day play at the Electric Daisy Carnival, or “EDC.”

While ΔSCHEME loves creating music together, they also acknowledge the hard work and loss of sleep that has gone into bringing their visions to life, dealing with homelessness or hunger for weeks at a time. Without a doubt, pursuing their passion has resulted in sacrifices, but the group confesses that the club or EDM scene feels like home to them.

“All the days we could have been out hanging out with girls, we were sitting for hours making music, trying to figure out what we’re doing, every single day, working,” brownCHILD said. “Girls will be getting mad asking me to ride my bike to Burger King to hang out – I don’t got time to go to Burger King, I got music to make!”

ΔSCHEME will be playing around midnight on Saturday, May 17, at Midtown Barfly at 1119 21st Street, Sacramento.

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