Freewheeling “payote-tonk” band Honyock is working on their new EP, Egyptian Waltz, which will feature 5 songs, and have some instrumental tracks as well.

Honyock has been recording since March and is looking forward to sharing songs that they’ve been dedicated to “tightening up.”

The Sacramento band members of Honyock have been making music for years, but are ecstatic about their upcoming tour, scheduled to coincide with the release of their new EP, as well as experiencing their creative pursuits come to fruition.

“We’ve just been itch’in ever since we got Sunshine [Chris Meinke] on drums and bonded so well together,” Spencer Hoffman said. “We want to get out there and play, do it every day.”

Current band members are Mason Hoffman, Spencer Hoffman, Chris Meinke and Tyler Wolter, who are all close friends.

The comradeship among Honyock band members is made apparent when observing how effortlessly they charm together during conversations in unity, complimenting each other’s talent on stage, and humor off stage. All four members feel, in true Mark Twain cowboy-esq fashion, a “disdain for established things,” as well as an identification with Twain’s “sense of justice.”

Is it possible that Honyock has discovered the all natural formula for what makes a damn good band?

“I think what inspires us to be artists is this central feeling of being so frustrated, both financially and with the way the world works,” Spencer Hoffman said.

Honyock’s poignant grasp of transitional phases in life can be heard in both their musical and lyrical style.

“I personally have something I want to say and I want to say it well,” Chris Meinke said.

While Honyock is a one of a kind band, a casual observer would likely detect that the group has that rare quality, that magnetic combination of both talent and intrigue, that other artists like the Beatles or The Band also had – a mixture of talent, passion and the boldness to be different.

Marching to the beat of his own drum, the addition of Chris Meinke or “Sunshine,” has been addressed as what recently completed Honyock as a band.

“We’re finally a good enough band to show people what we’re doing,” said Mason Hoffman.

The band members of Honyock are not only busy preparing for their tour, but also working diligently to support other local bands.

“What is really cool about this year is our group of friends decided to turn our little club into a record label,” Spencer Hoffman said. “Almost everyday I’m trying to engineer something for the bands, life is what I do in between music.”

Honyock is making a wise gamble to invest in their music, but still finds themselves being realistic, as well as grounded, when it comes to assessing what is at stake, according to bassist Tyler Wolter.

“A lot of people see life as a set plan, to deviate from this plan is unwise. No college degree or guaranteed source of income is risky,” Tyler Wolter said. “You’re betting on yourself to overcome the odds of being successful at something most people are afraid to attempt. I think people see a pattern to success – college, job, house, retirement. Their entire life is mapped out and they’ll always be financially secure so they can handle anything that comes at them – what we’re doing promises none of those securities.”

One elusive aspect about Honyock is their band mascot: a golden rooster. This is likely not as surprising as one would expect considering that, according to the Chinese zodiac, the rooster is a symbol for physical and moral fortitude – two attributes the hardworking Honyock band seem to have plenty of.

“I would consider our band like MissingNo. from Pokemon – a glitch,” Chris Meinke said.

However, Honyock’s band members bring together an effortlessly cool concoction with their music and interests, making the group seem like a far cry from a glitch. Those in attendance at the Honyock show at Luigi’s on May 3 would likely agree, many of which were singing along, high off of the band’s contagious vibes. Personally, Honyock makes me want to dance and then watch Martin Scorsese’s The Last Waltz when my legs get too tired to continue dancing, but Honyock is modest when it comes to acknowledging their talent.

“If any of our ego heads get too big we’re gonna pop it immediately – you should put that in the big letters of this article,” Spencer Hoffman said.

Whether you find yourself coming for their impeccable sense of style, infectiously positive energy, or engaging music, the benefit show Honyock will be playing May 16th is for a good cause, and is sure to be a good time as well.

The show is for 16-year-old Anthony Markham, who was critically injured in a vehicle accident on April 5, 2014 in Vacaville, CA. All proceeds will be donated to Anthony and his mother for medical and hardship expenses. There is a $10 cover charge and doors open at 7:30 p.m, however, no minors are permitted.

The May 16th show will be at Vega’s Underground in Sacramento at 128 K Street.

For Honyock fans, the band has eight words, especially for you.

“Thanks for listening, hope to see you soon,” Mason Hoffman said.

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