Punk music will be taking over the city during the all ages Sacramento Colonial Music Festival on May 16th, 17th and 18th!

Rise Entertainment and Wherehouse? Inc. will be hosting the event in the Colonial Theater, Cafe Colonial and the Colony, located at 3522 Stockton Blvd. in Sacramento.

The festivities are scheduled to start on Friday at 4 P.M., continuing until 12 A.M., and then on Saturday and Sunday will be going on from 12 P.M. to 12 A.M.

Consider this your music guide to three days of epic insanity – with so many bands playing I can understand if you find the lineup a little intimidating. Each band set to play the festival is worth seeing live, but checking out the songs on this guide will have you vibrating in your seat with anticipation and excitement.



Better Day by Element of Soul – This band from Placerville makes contagiously positive reggae music, and effortlessly elicits that special incentive to unite or sway together with an audience.

Happy Ending by Keyser Soze (from their 2013 The Remedy) – A band with a lot of trumpets and jazz, coming from Reno, and is here to get you dancing.

The Beginning of the End by Ghost Town Hangmen –  I did not know what haunted punk cowboys would sound like (awesome) until I listened to this punkabilly trio’s music.

Shirley’s Temple by the Infamous Swanks – From Sacramento and making fast paced rockabilly, old school classic vibin tunes.

In Darkness by the Hollow Point Stumblers – Divinely festive, folk, accordion music that I cannot wait to start dancing along to.

Good by Wolfhouse – With their grunge bluesy rock, this Nirvana esq band from Sacramento is sure to draw a crowd at the festival.

All of My Daughters by Of Us Giants – Beautiful vocals, catchy and addictive indie rock; Of Us Giant’s Nova Scotia album was recently released in January 2014.



On the Streets of Mia by Die Trying! – Are you a fan of Chocking Victim? Then make sure to catch Die Trying! playing. Described as “working class punk,” Die Trying! knows how to get down.

Blow Up the Radio by Pressure Point – I can get behind Pressure Point’s sentiment “resist and riot,” and will adore any song that makes a possible 1984 George Orwell reference.

The Knockoffs – The Knockoffs.  Need I say more.

Pain and Ecstasy by Cold Feelings – Check out Pain and Ecstasy from the 2014 American Industry, which has 7 solid songs that effortlessly capture that building anger life often incites inside of us.

Grinded by Zero Progress – Dark, angry, loud, great energy and without a fuck to give, Zero Progress is one band I am really looking forward to seeing.

The Quak and the Leper by Great Apes – Hailing from San Francisco, Great Apes is a punk band with an emphasis on minimalism and poignant lyrics that are difficult to resist singing along to; “this love has claws, this love has teeth.”

Double Feature by Heroes At Gunpoint – AFI and Rise Against fans will likely find something to appreciate in Heroes At Gunpoint’s music.

One Monster After Another by The Left Hand – Check out the Halloweentastic music video for One Monster After Another and you will find yourself feeling like it’s October in May; fans of the Misfits make sure to see The Left Hand live.

Angel of Summer by Strange Party – This rock n roll horror punk band from Sacramento will have you dancing and pining for that real ghoulish sort of love.

 I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement by The Moans – The Moans are from Sacramento and incorporate various genre defying sounds in their music. Fans into lighter punk music with upbeat vocals and instrumentals will find themselves grooving to The Moans.

Lackluster by The Harbor – Shout out to The Harbor’s Sarah Shintaku for shredding on the guitar, as well as the entire band for creating some real infectious, genuine and grimey, rock n roll music.


Drop the Bomb by Kryptic Memories – I am normally not into metal, but Kryptic Memories, who have a sound reminiscent of Pearl and White Zombie, have a strong musical and lyrical presence. Listen to Drop the Bomb to hear what I mean.

Bombs Away by For All I’ve Done – Formed in Sacramento and influenced by multiple metal bands, as a Sacramento citizen, For All I’ve Done is a local band to both be proud of and into.

Deaf by Default by Clockwork Hero – Clockwork Hero is one of the bands I am particularly excited to see live because of their atmospheric and mood setting songs.

Amanita Paradise by Z Strain – As a long time Jimi Hendrix fan, it is no surprise that I enjoy Z Strain’s rhythmic and soulful, jazz vibing, pscyhedelic music, as much as I do. Currently involved with the Vans Warped Tour 2014 Battle of the Bands, this Modesto band is one to keep an eye out for.

Don’t Wanna Break Up by Lisa Doll & The Rock n Roll Romance – I fell in love with this fun and upbeat band after listening to one of their Ramones-vibing songs.

EPA by Dog Party – This sister duo from Sacramento will charm you to no end with their alternative approach to rock n roll music. Not only are these ladies immensely talented, but they also have a unique, refreshing, original, sound that will have you hooked.


Here are some bands from all three days that you will catch me checking out during the festival: Avenue Saints, the Infamous Swanks, the Barfly Effect, Carbomb Commies, Defyant Circle and Astral Cult.

Words: Dig This Not That

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  1. It’s gonna be a blast. We at Sour Diesel will be playing 4 unreleased songs from our upcoming second album along with a few crowd favorites. SOUR 2THE PPL!!!

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