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On Thursday, March 13th ArtMix: Funk Springs Eternal held one FUNKY party. The dance floor was packed with fly ladies and slick gents doing “the hustle” to their special guest DJ FFFREAK NIGHT. A huddle occurred on the dance floor to blow up into a B-Boy break dance battle in the middle of the Friedman Court to some funkadelic classics.  Good times occurred over at PHONO SELECTS “pop n lock” Record shop, which had the steal on records, posters, and apparel. Took a minute to do the “electric slide” at the wearable art-making station before capturing all the funk in a photo booth session provided by Giggle and Riot.

While on a Soul Train Dance moment strutting down the hallway a group of artists was discovered. Interval Press was at ArtMIX demoing Posters and Printmaking techniques. Great stuff right there, check out their website at
Live music that night was provided by two groovy bands. First on the stage was a nine piece local funksters band called IDEA TEAM. They had a sweet soulful rhythm to them that had started people swaying left to right. Then in came the strong bass lines and major horn section; this band was pretty cool.  Second band had a super funky sound, a Funk slash Soul slash Jazz kind of feel to it. This seven piece band was super soulful, but brought the funk right in at the right moments. The vocals and jazzy horn arrangements was off the charts. They were called GROOVINCIBLE, and they were Groovy.

The  next ArtMIX, Spoke-tacular will be held on Thursday, May 8th 2014 at 5:00pm. This event will be Gearing up for Bike Month.   Juniper James will be present to show how to ride in style at the fashion show. Bicycle Artist Kevin Greenberg, the inventor of the “Toaster Bike”, will have an exhibition of his amazing art bicycles. Did I mention…  Free Bike Valet?  Live music will be presented by the Davis Live Music Collection. An Interactive digital wheel art by MonkeyLectric. Also Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen will be providing some tips and tricks about bicycles.  Free bike valet will be provided by the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates.

Make sure to say hi to TUBE at the next ArtMIX! We hope to see you there.

For more information about events at the Crocker Art Museum visit

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