Cruel Summer at Luigis Fungarden 2013
Cruel Summer at Luigis Fungarden 2013

Remember that dreamy song that plays when two lovers lock eyes in a hazy scene of passion during an 80s movie? Well chances are, whatever that song may be, it would sound a lot like Cruel Summer’s music. Their sound is for the pastel colored, VHS spinning, old school heart inside of all of us, but it will especially resonate with fans of My Bloody Valentine or lo-fi music in general. Cruel Summer’s track Silent Star is what you want playing when you catch yourself cruising through the streets of San Francisco.

Psychedelic music fans can catch a ride by listening to Moonbeams, a band that has a dark, deep, undertone behind their music, but also that faint, breezy lo-fi sound. Moonbeam’s track off of Part Time Punk Session, Shadows, is an impressive song  that is hard to define or pinpoint, but feels familiar anyways. The song Oh Anna, off of 2012’s Forever, sounds like true love blooming in a barren desert wasteland. For your existential thoughts and more, Moonbeams, in classic shoegaze coolness, is here to leave you entranced.

I don’t know what vibrant, technicolor world Sad Numbers is from, but wherever it is, it sounds like a hell of a lot more fun than this one. Drive is one track that highlights how upbeat but melancholic Sad Numbers can be, an interesting contrast that sounds like bubblegum guns shooting rainbows – perfect for painting your day with something different. Sad numbers also has a pop-esq sound, prominent in their song Whisper, that fans of funky or offbeat bands like Of Montreal will likely appreciate.

Catch all three of these dreamboat bands at the Tube Magazine sponsored show  at Luigi’s on March 22.

March 8th – Note: Unfortunately Moonbeams will not be on the bill.  Their replacement will be announced shortly.

March 11th-Note:  Dissolve will be playing along side Sad Numbers and Cruel Summer at Luigis.  Have a listen here.

Words: Dig This Not That

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